Yupik Soya Beans, Unsalted Roasted, 2.2 lb

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  • Lightly roasted, unsalted soya beans
  • A crunchy, wholesome snack that can also added to salads
  • High in fiber, iron and potassium
  • Keep cool and dry
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12.4 x 9.41 x 3.98 inches, 2.2 Pounds





8 reviews for Yupik Soya Beans, Unsalted Roasted, 2.2 lb

  1. NankNJ

    The first time I purchased these soya beans, they were nicely roasted and unsalted which was just what I was looking for. I purchased them again recently and was disappointed as they don’t seem to have been roasted hardly at all and some of the beans are small, round and very hard which could easily chip a tooth if “chomped” down on too hard. Not sure I will purchase them again when I run out.

    Update: Decided to give them another chance and am equally disappointed. The beans are small, round, gray in color and do not taste fresh. I am tossing them as it is more work to return them than it is worth. I ordered another brand online and received them today. They cost a bit more but were unsalted, nicely roasted and tasted great (but so did the Yupik brand soy beans the first time I ordered them!!) I will not be ordering any more products from Yupik.

  2. Mark A

    The quality and uniformity of the roasted soybeans are excellent. These beans are smaller and crunchier than other brands.

  3. Madinnh

    I love these! What more can I say. It is hard to find some that are unsalted period. These are unsalted and so wonderful to snack on, but mostly use in my salads to add that crunch I love. Would strongly recommend. Even better than roasted edamame!

  4. Rose

    The soybeans taste great and they have a nice crunch. I like that they make a healthy snack. A handful satisfies, and helps hold away the hunger for a good while. My only issue is that my body tends to get gassy the following day. That’s embarrasing, but don’t want to give up on this item.

  5. Ronald M. Chavin

    *This product has no salt added. That’s very good for our health.
    *This product tastes too good to stop eating. The other product, “Soy Nuts,” is claimed to be delicious but tastes bad.
    *This product has the same, super-healthy benefit of eating tofu because this product is high in soy fiber, soy protein, and soy isoflavones (genistein, daidzein, glycitein).
    *This product is not messy. It can be eaten with your hand reaching into the bag.
    *This product doesn’t cause much flatulence because it is cooked for a very long time. The Japanese-invented soy foods don’t cause much flatulence either. Tofu and unsweetened soymilk don’t cause much flatulence because they are cooked for a very long time. Natto doesn’t cause much flatulence because the beneficial bacterium, Bacillus subtilis natto, releases the gas during fermentation. Edamame causes much less flatulence than boiled adult soybeans because it is specially bred to be low in flatulence. However, all American-invented soy foods cause severe flatulence. Canned garbanzo beans cause severe flatulence because canning doesn’t cook the beans long enough to eliminate the flatulence.

    *The best possibility is that this product is soaked in sunflower oil after it is “dry roasted.” The worst possibility is that this product is deep fried in sunflower oil. Ingredients: dry roasted soybeans, sunflower oil. Per 180-calorie, 1/4-cup serving, his product has 13 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, and 11 grams of carbohydrates (of which 5 grams is fiber). 28 servings per container.

    *This super-healthy snack will help the person eating it regularly (instead of eating beef, bacon, and eggs regularly) to live much longer.
    *This product may be the only American-invented soy food that doesn’t cause much flatulence. This product claims to be a product of the United States and distributed from Montclair, New Jersey by Tootsi Impex. However, the red, rising sun in the “Yupik” logo makes me suspect that this product may have been invented in Japan, South Korea, or China.

  6. CRbound3

    Pleasantly surprised. Bought them without ever trying a roasted soy bean before and was really surprised how delicious they are without any salt or seasoning. Very nutty and roasted flavor. Beans were easy to crunch. Good resealable package.

  7. RetProf

    Typed in organic dry roasted unsalted soy nuts on Amazon and these came up. When we received them, we not only could not find the word organic anywhere on the package but also noticed they were from China. Now we found out they cannot be returned. Very disappointed!

  8. J Ballarino

    These are pretty good. Some of the nuts were a little burnt, but the rest were flavorful. Unsalted soy nuts are hard to find, so I was glad to find these. I like that you can buy this in bulk – the 1 KG (2.2. LB) bag was a perfect size for me.

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