Yupik Beans, Salted Dry Roasted Soya, 2.2 lb

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  • A good source of fiber, protein and potassium
  • Keep cool and dry
  • A crunchy, wholesome snack that can also be added to salads
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8 reviews for Yupik Beans, Salted Dry Roasted Soya, 2.2 lb

  1. Roxane Rosalinda Marek

    These are very good and the package states Product of the United States. The manufacture said they were from China. I went to yupak.com to clarify but the website is unsecured and in Chinese writing.

  2. Robert

    Super delicious all-natural jelly beans. I sent whole bags around at Easter. I have to stay away, though; they’re irresistible and I’ll eat myself into a coma, if they’re around. Soooo yummy, and no chemicals!

  3. Reg

    These beans taste great! I use them to make hummus. For some reason, there are no instructions on the bag for how to cook them so heres what I do:
    I put 1 cup of the beans in a pot with 4 cups of water and bring them to a boil. Then, I cover the pot with a lid and let them sit on the burner on the lowest temperature for 6 hours. Hope this helps!

  4. Grokyourself

    I never buy Black Turtle Beans but that is what I received and returned for a refund. Turtle Beans are smaller than regular black beans and less soft and fibrous. This is the third black bean purchase I have made by Amazon and I have not been satisfied with any of them. I haven’t tried canned black beans from the Amazon store selection, where I can buy a recognized brand. Maybe that will be my best bet!

  5. Sean Peterson

    This review is for the 2.2 lb bag of Salted Dry Roasted Soy nuts.
    For some reason, roasted salted soynuts have recently disappeared from store shelves. I can’t even find them at my local health food store anymore, and they don’t have an answer for why. I’ve eaten soy nuts for 50 years and don’t understand what the problem is, so I looked here to buy them.
    I first bought a different brand by Sincerely Nuts – don’t buy those, they are terrible! Then I tried these. $9.99 for a 2.2 lb bag is a good price. These soy nuts have the right amount of salt on them, and are not over roasted like the other brand I tried. The bag is also marked as being USA soybeans, which made me happy. I would recommend these to anyone trying to find roasted salted soy nuts at this time.

  6. Midwest Reviewer

    These must have come from an Egyptian tomb because they never cooked soft. Soaked, rinsed, cooked as I have hundreds of time before (or 50 years worth). Just too old. Bummer. Can’t return.

  7. Reg

    Have long enjoyed roasted soybeans as a filling, “neutral/bland” crunchy snack, but do not often find larger packages like this in stores. My first 2 purchases of these from Amazon were satisfactory but when I purchased a third time last month found interspersed throughout the bag were many unchewable rock-hard beans. Don’t know if they used a new roaster or what. I could only eat them by not quite biting down and carefully removing the bad one or two in every other mouthful that felt like pebbles in my mouth but were evidently unroasted beans.

  8. Sean Peterson

    I continue to buy Yupik products because they offer some of the cheapest organic foods on Amazon. I’m learning why they are able to offer things for such a low price. “You get what you pay for”, said billions of people. I’m a slow learner I guess, or maybe just hopeful.

    I am no stranger to cooking dried beans. The crux of the matter is that although this batch is set to expire in 2022, the beans seemed either old or perhaps too dry for some reason. I’ve been eating a mostly macrobiotic sort of diet for over a decade and have valued the use of dry bulk goods for their health and economical value. Usually for any type of bean I’ll end up soaking them in a glass vessel for anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on the type. I soaked these on the longer end of that scale. After the soaking and rinsing comes the cooking. Once the water boiled for a few minutes, I skimmed the scum off the top as usual and let remain at a medium boil for about an hour. At this point, they were still crunchy. I added some kelp granules and garlic, both of which are meant to soften beans and improve their digestibility. After another hour, *crunch* *crunch*. Weird. All I could do at this point was keep it on the heat for another couple hours and add boiling water as needed. They never softened and I ended up feeding it to the compost. The fasted and most ideal way to cook any bean that I know of is in a pressure cooker. However, with soaking and a little time and knowledge, cooking them in a regular steel pot shouldn’t be an issue. I will not be buying from this seller again. I’ve gotten rancid rice from them before as well, but to be fair, they sent me a replacement bag that was *better*. So I can’t knock their customer service completely. They won’t refund you, but may offer to send replacement items. However I don’t know if that is even worth the effort. I wish everyone a happy bean journey and please don’t let any old, hard beans from this company leave a bad taste in your mouth, so to speak. They are a wonderful food group that shouldn’t be avoided and learning to prepare them properly is well worth the effort 😀

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